The bathroom incident

I’m very easily embarrassed and always worry about doing something stupid. This probably stems from the time in high school when I fell over the bleachers during the Christmas concert, exposed my underwear, and yelled, “Oh shit!” in front of all the students, teachers, and parents.

(Did I mention that my baritone tuba landed between my legs?)

This morning, I was in the bathroom washing my hands after a pee when I noticed a TV personality was at the sink next to me washing her hands. And looking fabulous. I guess I got a little star-struck and nervous, so I quickly left the bathroom.

Apparently I left the faucet running. She turned to a workmate of mine (also in the bathroom) and asked if I was coming back. (I assume sarcastically.) Then she sighed, turned off the faucet, and left the bathroom. (The last part may not be entirely accurate, as I was not there. I imagine it was probably close to that though.)

I will be forever known to this particular starlet (who I see around the halls at work rather frequently) as the dumb girl who can’t figure out how to turn off the faucet and then runs away.

To some, this would be no big deal. She’s probably forgotten already and the logical part of my brain knows that.

But to that teenaged girl who was clumsy and awkward and always embarrassed, it’s worse than the heat of a thousand suns.

  1. steelopus said: EMBRACE THIS! Just start leaving the faucet running every time you use the bathroom!
  2. rsmallbone said: If it was me, I probably would have farted and stepped on her foot. And then she would have asked why I was in the ladies’ room and hit me with something.