Band Geek

I was in a parade once. It was the annual Christmas parade. As I’ve mentioned before, I was “blessed” to play the baritone tuba. Since I was the height and weight of a Smurf, it being really cold, and it being a long parade route, I didn’t cross the finish line. My tuba’s valves froze (due to my excessive spit) and I started to cry. The CBC Television van felt sorry for me and picked me up. I spent the rest of the parade in the back of the CBC van waving and pretending to be important.

Upon further reflection of my high school years, I realize a lot of my adult quirks stem from playing that stupid tuba. I ask you — what would possess any band leader to look at young, tiny me and think: “She looks like a tuba player!”

No wonder I have an odd sense of humour.

And drink.

  1. donthenerd said: I played the Sousaphone. It didn’t resemble any other phone.
  2. yowhatsthehaps said: I was 11 when I started playing the trombone. My arms weren’t long enough to reach all the positions on the slide, so I had to use my feet for the low ones until I was about 13.
  3. milkglassmao said: I played the baritone horn, trombone, and tuba by choice even though I weighed 95 pounds in high school because I was a masochist who had no respect for my joints.
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