Finding a place to live is harder than I remember

This past week, we’ve been looking for a new place to live. We want to rent a condo, to see if the the whole “condo living” thing suits us.

Toronto is the condo capital of North America and there are SO MANY CONDOS! But it’s really hard to find the RIGHT ONE. We even made an offer on one, but then we withdrew the offer after discovering issues with the building. (Thank you, Google!)

But how do you know which one is “the one”? I like to think it’s like finding your true love — when you know, you know. You know?

Ugh. Dating was easier that this.

  1. tehawesome said: Build a giant Jason and then live in the Jason-building.
  2. girl-detective said: We just moved into our sublet, and we’re already looking for a place to rent in August. IT’S THE WORST.
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