Wellington Street West

This week has been epic. Long story semi-short… Jason (my husband) is/was/whatever a “thing” on Twitter. But he was “discovered” because of CBC Radio. CBC is located on the corner of Blue Jays Way and Wellington Street West in Toronto.

Because of CBC Radio, he got a job at an advertising company owned by a CBC celebrity named Arlene Dickinson. Her company is located on Wellington Street West, just down the street from the CBC building where she “discovered” him.

Can you guess where our new home is located?

Wellington Street West.

Right between where Jason met his boss for the first time and where he now works for her.

None of this was planned, it just happened. Life is odd, strange, and beautiful.

  1. wifeoftj said: Awesomesauce!
  2. kellydeal said: Hope the tub has a mini fridge! Congrats!
  3. lnthefade said: I live on Wellington Rd!!
  4. steelopus said: I’m on my way. See you in a few hours!
  5. tonimclellan said: Great things happen to great people who do their best and take risks and put themselves out there. Also: Hey. Hi. I miss you!